Russian Volume Lash Training 2 Day Course

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Length: 16 hours (2 days)
Tuition: $849.99
Russian Volume Kit: Included

For stylists who want to take their lash training to the next level, we offer our amazing Russian Volume Lash Extension Course (also known as Russian Lashes or 3D-6D Lashes). This is a 2 days course that includes a starter kit. During your training, you will learn the Russian Volume Technique, which gives 3 to 7 times more volume to the natural eyelashes of your clients. You will also learn 5 to 7 different techniques in order to master the Russian Volume skill. Russian Lash Extensions are an extremely popular eyelash extension service; in high demand in both the USA and Europe. The treatment involves giving the client a full and natural, yet glamorous, look using less adhesive; as each synthetic lash is layered onto a single natural lash.

This course is an excellent follow-up training for anyone that has already completed the basic training for lash extensions, from either our academy or another provider.

How much can I make as a lash artist?

Eyelash Extension Certification Course Outline

Day 1. Theory

8 hours total

  • Learning Russian volume technique
  • Base and extreme styling techniques
  • Advanced lashing techniques
  • Branding marketing and social media
  • A-Z On Glue and Retention
  • Client and artist health and safety requirements
  • Tips & tricks
  • Portfolio building
  • Practice on sponges
  • Russian volume training
  • Practice on live model
  • Frequently asked questions

Day 2. Practical

8 hours total

  • Practice on a live model
  • Starter kit giveaway
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Russian Volume Kit Includes Included With Course

Allows you to do approx. 15-20 full sets

  • 1 Emerald Glue - 5ml
  • 5 Lash Boxes
  • 3 High Quality Tweezers
  • 10 Patches
  • 1 Medical Plastic Tape
  • 1 Medical Paper Tape
  • 50 Applicators
  • 50 Mascara Brushes

A $292.00 Value

Basic Kit Includes Included With Course

Allows you to do approx. 30 to 35 full sets

  • 4 Lashes Boxes
  • 1 Medical Plastic Tape
  • 1 Medical Paper Tape
  • 50 Applicators
  • 25 Patches
  • 1 Remover
  • 2 High Quality Tweezers
  • 1 Oil free makeup remover
  • 1 Emerald Glue - 5ml
  • 50 Mascara Brushes
  • 1 Primer

A $292.00 Value

Russian Volume Lash Extension Training 2 Day Course

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Why Roselisa For Training & Products

Low Cost eyelash extension training {fran_territory_name}
Safe and Accredited

Our school is recognized and accredited by the APESEQ and Revenu Quebec. Our products are registered with Health Canada, ensuring we sell only the best quality products to our technicians.

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Quality Product Line

Roselisa products have quickly become the top supply choice for both Roselisa stylists as well as stylists certified through other schools.

On Time eyelash extension training {fran_territory_name}
Involved & Supportive Staff

Our staff is dedicated to the art of quality lash extensions (and other services), and this same dedication is threaded through our courses so our students leave with the same level of care and quality within their own business.

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Discounts for Stylists

Our certified stylist enjoy a continual 10% discount on all Roselisa products.

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How much can I make as a lash artist?

There are many factors that influence what a certified lash artist can make. The lash types you provide, working for someone vs running your own business, your set pricing for services, and your experience... all can play a large part in determining your overall income.

Below is a very simple formula of how much you can make in a day:

3 (2 Hour) Full Sets x $140 each = $420 per day

5 (1 Hour) Fills x $70 each = $350 per day

Why Choose Roselisa Academy?

At Roselisa Academy, we are proud to serve the beauty industry as a professional training resource. Each of our locations offers in-depth training courses from industry experts that prepare you with the highest standard of beauty in the business. By training technicians to these standards, our goal is to become the world's most trusted supplier and training facility in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Whether you are searching for "eyelash extension training near me" "beautician school in Canada," or anything in between, Roselisa has the expertise you can count on.

Our passion for beauty doesn't end with our students, however. We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Roselisa is more than just an academy, it is also an elite lash extension salon in addition to providing spray tanning, teeth whitening and more. Unlike other schools, our services are not provided by our students. All the salon services are provided by an experienced and certified Roselisa technician, providing quality beauty products and services to the general public. Roselisa Academy is your number one resource for a more beautiful world. Next time you are thinking about quality beauty supplies, top of the line beauty training, or professional eyelash extension training, think no further than Roselisa Academy.

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Want to learn more?

Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place by providing quality beauty products and services to everyone, leaving anyone we serve self-confident and beautiful.

We always remain at the disposal of our students, even after their training with unlimited access to our trainers at no charge. We are passionate and devoted to the success of our students. We have weekday and weekend training available for added flexibility to your schedules.

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